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DSL Service is now available in your area! Sign up today!

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PackageMonthly Price
*All services/speeds not available in all areas. The speed available to you is dependent upon your distance from our equipment. Listed speeds are "up to” speeds and are not guaranteed.
PackageLimited Basic + Package Monthly Price
$12.95 + $167.00$179.95
$12.95 + $115.00$127.95
$12.95 + $81.00$93.95
*Broadcast TV surcharge required for all video packages. - $17.87/month
Premium Movie Packages
Let us know which movie package you're interested in.


Interested in Home Telecom's Security & Home Automation? *
Package as low as $24.99/month!
24-Hour Monitoring including fire monitoring. From arming and disarming to full home automation with your phone or wireless device.

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