What to Expect

What to Expect

GigUP Tri-County is being led by the local, innovative Home Telecom to lay their robust state-of-the-art fiber network throughout the area. Home Telecom will use and connect to existing fiber to drive economic development to businesses located in the rapidly growing area.

A future-proof fiber network extending directly into every business is necessary to handle the rising reliance society has on the internet. This need is characterized by the transition from simply utilizing email and web searches to use of advanced security systems, vast environments of face-to-face internet conferences, uploading to the Cloud, and streaming TV programs and complex interactive games. Innovative new protocols are being developed daily in the fields of tech-companies, healthcare, education, public safety, transportation and commerce. We strive to keep our customers connected and have continuously advanced our technologies in order to do so.


Home Telecom’s 100% fiber network is unique in that it brings fiber all the way to each business, making it possible to connect to internet speeds of one gigabit and higher. This exceptional connection speed allows businesses to take full advantage of the high-security cloud storage, next-generation teleconferencing and other powerful technologies available. Home Telecom’s fully redundant fiber backbone lays the foundation for a whole new world of tools and services, enabling companies to be much more efficient, more secure, more collaborative and innovative than ever before. So, are you ready?





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